Centaur Training E-Learning Courses That Meet Your Needs

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The internet has revolutionised the way we learn. Gone are the days when you needed to attend physical classrooms to acquire knowledge, e-learning courses give you other flexible options to obtain the knowledge you need. Centaur Training’s e-learning courses allow you to receive training on selected courses from anywhere, at any time.

Many trainers now offer e-learning, but remember, not all e-learning courses are created equal. Some are dull, uninspiring, and fail to engage learners. That’s why we offer a range of different e-learning courses that not only best meet your needs, but are engaging and provide a one to one learning experience. If you’re of the mind that one-on-one training is expensive and time consuming, don’t worry because it doesn’t have to be. Our ethos here at Centaur Training is to provide a quality service and our one-on-one tutor led, interactive online training goes ahead at exactly the pace that is needed by those attending the course.

Why Choose Centaur Training Services’ E-Learning Courses?


Traditional courses often require you to attend classes at specific times, which can be challenging if you have a busy schedule. E-learning courses, on the other hand, are flexible, and you can learn without the need to travel or attend group classes at specific times and location.


Not only do Centaur Training e-learning courses offer great value for money, they we also provide opportunities for the learner(s) to go over the course content as often as they might need, ensuring the optimum learning experience and a very efficient and cost effective way to learn.


It is simple and easy to start your training on a wide variety of subjects. Our e-learning courses include subjects within three main topics; Health and Safety E-Learning, Business Skills E-Learning and Health and Social Care E-Learning courses.

Centaur Training e-learning courses are a fantastic way to enhance your learning experience, whether you’re a student, or a professional who requires your training for work, Centaur Training tutor led e-learning experiences are engaging and enjoyable and are offered in a wide range of subjects including health and safety, business skills, and health and social care. Get in touch to find more about the range of different topics within our e-learning suite.

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