Watlow F4T – Controlling More than Just Temperature

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The best controls and system management equipment oftentimes involves those that are compact, provide multiple benefits, and have incredible reliability under challenging conditions. The Watlow F4T temperature control is exactly that. Built with a rugged design and a versatility that has been hard to match or come close to via competition, the F4T continues to score best-in-class as a result, and it’s easier to use than earlier models thanks to an extremely intuitive touch panel displayed and contrasted in color thanks to a high-resolution display.

Of course, the Watlow F4T didn’t win its credentials by looking beautiful. It had to perform consistently as well. That’s made possible by the fact that the model provides users with an expanded digital display, dual USB host capacity, 100-240 VAC power connectivity, universal input design, real clock time and battery redundancy as well. With well over 40 different possible profiles, the Watlow F4T typically finds itself being applied in different processes in the same factory or facility on a regular basis.

Expanded Networking Capability

A key factor that directly influences the F4T receiving so many referrals from experienced system managers is the fact that the Watlow temperature controller is ideal for communications compatibility. Packaged with a standard bus as well as an ethernet Modbus TCP compatibility, the F4T can also be expanded on the input/output side, and it is incredibly easy to configure for custom needs. For systems that are built up over time, the F4Ts modular approach makes it ideal for add-ons and expansion in sync with build outs as well, including low level disruption in the interim.

Data Logging and Export

Metrics are also fully enhanced and advanced through the F4T. The model comes with built-in data loggers, trending, temp limits for bottom and top ranges, integrated timers, temperature PID and more. Most importantly, the ability to achieve all of this data is made possible by how easy it is to control and manage the Watlow F4T as well.

Exporting data from the F4T was well-anticipated in the latest design. Users will find that the file transfer out of the system for expanded data analysis is a snap. The F4T connects quickly to external readers, and it has additional options for plug-in modular integration as well. Because both the firmware and integrated software are installed with the expectation of expanded life and use, the F4T stands out where other options close-off, being one-use functional only.

Flexible Design Meets Custom Demands

Scalability is a particularly useful feature. With many industrial systems needing to last and more than pay back their initial capital investment, the ability to enhance, modify and upgrade is essential. The F4T is extremely flexible in this regard, providing both backwards compatibility with other Watlow equipment as well making retrofitting a snap with existing equipment. There’s no heavy modification needed for physical cabinets either; the F4T works seamlessly with F4 cabinets and panels from previous installations.

Seagate Controls is your access point for the Watlow F4T. Combining both Watlow inventory as well as the on-hand expertise to help guide clients with planning, options, system design or revision, installation and troubleshooting, our specialists always go the extra mile that helps our partnership stand out versus other suppliers for temperature controllers. Call us today to get started; there’s no pressure to make a decision. Most of our clients engage in a good amount of discussion before narrowing down exactly what is needed for their particular installation or upgrade. And because we’re with you all the way through to support and maintenance, there’s no worries about going too deep into a decision and having no help on how to move forward. Seagate Controls is always at your side.

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