Using solar panels to harness solar energy

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We now generate less power and rely less on traditional energy sources thanks to the breakthrough technology of solar panels. Solar panel usage is increasing in India, and people are particularly curious about 1kW solar panel systems, their costs, and the several varieties that are available, including the well-known Luminous solar panels.

The Revolution of Solar Panels

Essentially, photovoltaic (PV) cells are what turn sunlight into energy in solar panels. These photovoltaic cells are constructed from substances that produce electrons when exposed to sunlight. The photovoltaic effect, a process, has made it possible to use a sustainable and renewable source of energy.

Price of a 1 kW solar panel in India:

According to the most recent data, a 1 kW solar panel system costs around Rs. 65,000 in India; however, incentives may be available to lower this price. This makes it a desirable choice for tiny residences and businesses that want to use solar energy.

Luminous solar panels’ function

You may run across the phrase “luminous solar panels” while researching solar energy. In the solar panel market, Luminous is a well-known brand, and its panels are well-known for their dependability and efficiency. These panels are made to produce as much electricity as possible, making them a popular option for individuals wanting to buy a 1 kW solar panel system in India.

Luminous Solar Panels and the Cost of 1kW Solar Panels:

As was previously noted, the cost of a 1 kW solar panel¬†installation in India might vary. It’s crucial to remember that luminous solar panels have a range of prices depending on their features and characteristics. To discover the product that best suits your requirements and price range, it is advised to investigate the options of Luminous and other respected manufacturers.

Solar panel types

There are many different varieties of solar panels, each with a unique set of properties and uses. When choosing a 1 kW solar panel system in India, knowing the various types of solar panels will help you make an informed choice.

1.Solar cells using a single crystal: They convert sunlight into energy very effectively and are composed of single-crystal silicon. They are a fantastic option for circumstances where there is little roof space, despite the fact that they are often more expensive.

2.Solar cells with a polycrystalline structure: Multiple silicon crystals are used to create polycrystalline panels, which are less costly than monocrystalline panels. They provide a cost-effective option for home solar installations while being significantly less efficient.

  1. Solar panels made of thin film:Because thin-film panels are lightweight and flexible, they may be used for a number of purposes, such as solar farms and portable energy sources. Although they are less effective, their adaptability is a big plus.

4.Solar panels that are bi-facial: In order to generate more energy, bifacial panels are made to catch sunlight from both the front and the rear. They are a relatively recent development in the solar business and are becoming more and more well-liked because of their higher efficiency.


The 1kW solar panel systems and their costs are of special relevance in India’s booming solar panel sector. Clean and renewable energy is becoming more widely available to both consumers and companies thanks to the use of luminous solar panels and numerous other types of solar panels.

Remember that your unique needs and budget should dictate the 1 kW solar panel pricing in India, the choice of luminous solar panels, and the decision of the appropriate kind of solar panel as you weigh your alternatives. Utilising solar energy has never been more promising because of ongoing advances in technology.

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