Navigating the World of SBI ATM Cards: Online Application, Activation, and Tracking

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In this digital age, convenience and accessibility are essential when it comes to managing your finances. State Bank of India (SBI) understands the importance of providing hassle-free banking services to its customers. One of the essential services that SBI offers is its ATM card, which allows you to access your funds anytime, anywhere. In this article, we will explore how to apply for an SBI ATM card online, how to activate it, and how to track your card’s delivery.

SBI ATM Card Online Apply:

Online SBI ATM card applications are simple to complete. It eliminates the need to visit a physical branch, saving you time and effort. Here are the steps to apply for an SBI ATM card online:

  1. Visit the SBI website: Start by visiting the official SBI website.
  2. Log in to your account: Log in using your online banking credentials. If you don’t have an online banking account, you’ll need to register for one.
  3. Navigate to ATM services: Once you’re logged in, find the section for ATM services or card management.
  4. Request a new card: Select the option to request a new ATM card.
  5. Provide your details: You will be asked to provide some personal information, such as your name, address, and contact details.
  6. Choose the type of card: SBI offers various types of ATM cards, including standard debit cards and specialized cards for different purposes. Select the one that suits your needs.
  7. Confirm your request: Review the information you’ve provided and confirm your request. You may be required to pay a nominal fee for the card.
  8. Submit your application: Once you’ve confirmed, submit your application. Your request will be given a reference number.

How to Activate SBI ATM Card:

Once you’ve successfully applied for your SBI ATM card, you’ll need to activate it before you can start using it. Activation is a crucial step in ensuring the security of your card. Follow these steps to activate your SBI ATM card:

  1. Receive your card: Your SBI ATM card will be delivered to your registered address within a few days.
  2. Generate a PIN: Along with your card, you will receive a sealed envelope containing your PIN (Personal Identification Number). Do not share this PIN with anyone.
  3. Visit an ATM: Locate your nearest SBI ATM or any other bank’s ATM that supports SBI card activation.
  4. Add your card: Your ATM card should be inserted into the slot.
  5. Set your PIN: Follow the on-screen instructions to set a new PIN. This is the four-digit number that you will use for all your ATM transactions.
  6. Complete the process: Once you’ve successfully set your PIN, your card is activated and ready to use.

SBI ATM Card Tracking:

After applying for an SBI ATM card, you should track its delivery progress. SBI provides a convenient way to do this, ensuring that you stay informed about when to expect your card. Here’s how to track your SBI ATM card:

  1. Visit the SBI website: Go to the SBI official website.
  2. Login: Login to your online banking account.
  3. Go to the ‘Track Your Card’ section: Navigate to the ‘Track Your Card’ or ‘ATM Card Status’ section.
  4. Enter your reference number: Input the reference number you received during the card application process.
  5. View the status: The system will display the current status of your card, such as ‘Dispatched,’ ‘In Transit,’ or ‘Delivered.’

By following these simple steps, you can easily track the status of your SBI ATM card and ensure that it reaches you as expected.


The State Bank of India has streamlined the process of applying for an ATM card, activating it, and tracking its delivery. This user-friendly approach makes it easier for customers to access their funds conveniently and securely, aligning with the bank’s commitment to providing top-notch banking services.

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