Improving Efficiency and Reducing Downtime for Telecom Businesses

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No matter what sector of the telecom industry that your business is in, margins are getting tighter than ever before. This means that you need a precision approach to every aspect of your business if you want to improve efficiency and reduce your overhead.

One of the most costly areas of overhead is downtime. Having to shut down part of your revenue generating operation for maintenance or unexpected damage can cost you serious money.

We’ve put together a few things that you should consider for improving efficiency for your telecom business.

Improving Regular Maintenance Scheduling

What does your regular maintenance schedule look like this year? If it looks the same as it has for the last several years, that could be a sign that you need to improve your maintenance scheduling.

We’re talking about the scheduling that you have to do for regular preventative maintenance as well as inspections. There are new tools out there that can help improve the efficiency of your scheduling.

Using a combination of AI technology and the IoT, we’re now able to schedule maintenance with much greater efficiency than ever before. This precision will help reduce your downtime and improve your overall revenue.

Anticipating Downtime Causes

How successful has your business been anticipating the causes of routine downtime?

Some amount of downtime will be unavoidable, but these are things that you can anticipate and prepare for.

This is a complex process that’s going to involve pulling data from various sectors of your business. You need to consider things like the life expectancy of key infrastructure components as well as the availability and expertise of your workforce.

Changes to your business can also cause unexpected downtime. Mergers, acquisitions, and new expansions have a way of throwing a wrench into the works that you can prepare for.

Improving Your Basic Infrastructure

We often put too much emphasis on new technologies. One of the most important things you can do for reducing down time is to improve the basic infrastructure that your telecom business relies on.

Even making a basic upgrade like adding Roxtec cable and pipe seals can make a big change throughout your operation. Other basic infrastructure updates include regular maintenance for your buildings and infrastructure that your workforce relies on in order to get their jobs done.

These small improvements are very cost-effective and can yield impressive results.

Reducing The Likeliness Of Unexpected Maintenance

If your telecom business regularly faces downtime caused by unexpected problems, it’s time to start preparing for the unknown.

You can use data science tools to analyze the causes of unexpected maintenance in downtime in order to start building and preventative measures. Every occurrence of unexpected downtime is giving you important information on the causes, and solutions, for these interruptions in your routine operations.

Key Takeaways For Reducing Telecom Downtime

It’s time you took a new approach to reducing your downtime. Here are five key takeaways that you need to keep in mind when you consider how you’ll be approaching your regular maintenance this year.

  • Improve and iterate on your maintenance schedule
  • Employ new technologies like AI and IoT
  • Anticipate downtime causes
  • Improve overlooked infrastructure elements

Reduce unexpected maintenance occurrences

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